The University of the Sacred Heart values the confidence of our students and our staff in selecting us as their centre of study or work. We are also committed to protecting the information we receive and complying with the laws governing the access and use.

The information provided when applying for admission, financial aid or other purposes allows us to serve our university community and is managed under confidentiality. Security measures are established to safeguard this information.

Access to such information is limited to authorized employees to be able to offer a service, process transactions, or to comply with any federal or state law or a regulation. All information received electronically (website or institutional portal), will be guarded physical as in the electronic files so that it cannot be used by unauthorized persons. Information may be shared with organizations that process payment transactions, collection, offer some benefit, investigate illegal activities, or where required by law. We must comply with strict controls to comply with federal regulations and maintain the confidentiality of the information.

The University does not provide information about its students or employees without previous notification or request of authorization addressed to the last physical address in the file.

For details on the Policy to Safeguard Information click here.